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Report Back from 6/21 “No PG&E Bailout” Action

On Friday June 21st an action was held at PG&E headquarters in San Francisco. The purpose of the action was to call attention to the corruption of PG&E, an investor owned utility that puts profit over people time and time again resulting in loss of life and homes. The 21st was the day of the annual shareholders meeting.
The action was organized by the No PG&E Bail Out Coalition which consists of representatives of several groups including Local Clean Energy Alliance, System Change Not Climate Change, Idle No More, Food and Water Watch, Californians for Public Banking, DSA San Francisco, DSA East Bay and others. DSA was well represented at the action with several members from San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz chapters. Martabel was able to get contact info from the other chapter for future collaboration.
There were several speakers addressing the issues around PG&E and it’s corporate greed strategy. Jovanka Beckles from the Richmond Progressive Alliance, Shahid Buttar a lawyer and activist currently running against Nancy Pelosi in the 12th District, Matt Jones an activist from San Bruno where a natural gas pipeline explosion in 2010 caused by PG&E neglect killed 8 people, TURN (The Utility Reform Network) and several young activists from a group called New Voices Are Rising among others. New Voices Are Rising is based in Oakland and its mission is to develop young leaders in low-income communities and communities of color in Oakland by helping young people gain the skills and experience in civic engagement required to tackle the many problems – especially environmental health problems – that disproportionately impact their communities. The young people who spoke were awesome!
A memorial for the victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise was organized by 11th Hour, a Bay Area affinity group. They got 85 pairs of shoes, painted them black, placed a small potted flower in each of the pairs and laid them out in the plaza in front of the PG&E headquarters building. The shoes represented the 85 people who were killed by the Camp Fire which was caused, once again, by PG&E’s neglect. It was a very moving representation of the damage caused by greed.
As the shareholders filed out for a break, a lawyer came over and spoke to us. He represents victims of PG&E neglect and had purchased at least one share of PG&E stock in order to attend the shareholders meeting. He told us that at least 5 shareholders stood and made statements telling the PG&E Board of Directors to listen to the protestors out front. Not much but at least it’s something. Unfortunately, 85% of PG&E shareholders are financial firms according to information provided by TURN. We all know what those firms care about.
Although this action won’t bring “immediate change” it felt important to be there and help bring attention to the greed of corporations who are controlling resources that we all need and depend on and causing considerable harm while doing so. Hopefully down the line we will all be able to “own PG&E”.


Madeleine, DSA SC Ecosocialism Working Group

Solidarity with the Central American Exodus

Two Santa Cruz comrades are set to travel to Tijuana on Tuesday to join DSA members from around the country as part of international solidarity efforts with the Central American refugees currently at the border. The US Border Patrol is currently allowing only a handful of asylum seekers through each day, causing a humanitarian crisis as thousands of people are forced to spend weeks with inadequate shelter. A group of mothers in the caravan have launched a hunger strike protesting the CBP’s failure to allow refugees to claim asylum.

Many of you have asked how you can help in these efforts. The word we are getting from organizers on the ground is that donated supplies are already backed up at the border and only small amounts are allowed through at a time. The DSA Immigrant Rights Working Group recommends that instead of donated items, it is better to raise money that can be used to purchase whatever is needed in Tijuana.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Venmo your donations to @DSA-SantaCruz
This is the fastest and most efficient way to contribute.

2. Donate online
If you don’t have Venmo, this is the best option. Use the form below and your payment will be processed securely by

  • American Express



DSA needs YOU this weekend!

We are in the FINAL WEEK of this campaign season and we need all hands on deck!

 This is our last and most significant effort to get out the vote for  our DSA endorsed measures and candidates: Yes on Measure M, Yes on Prop 10, Justin Cummings and Drew Glover for Santa Cruz City Council! 

Sign up for shifts here:

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Statement of Solidarity: AFSCME, UPTE, CNA

The Santa Cruz chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) stands in solidarity with AFSCME Local 3299, UPTE-CWA Local 9119, and CNA members in their fight for a strong and fair contract. We recognize the necessity of direct action against an unfair bargaining process brought on by the University of California (UC) and we support the UC strikes not only at our local Santa Cruz campus but all across the state.

Some of our membership, who consist of current and former UC students, remember our fights against the Board of Regents for their neglect not just for their employees but for their students as well. We recognize that a “world-class” university cannot hold its title in full truth until education is free and its workers are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. This is why we must acknowledge that this strike, like the rest of the strikes in public education around the country right now,  is as much about raising the quality of education for students as it is raising the quality of jobs for the workers who work tirelessly to serve the future generations of our country.

The University claims to respect their workers and their actions reflect otherwise. The University proposes to cut salary step increases, raise the retirement age and placing retirement security into the hands of risky 401Ks, cut health care benefits, and make it easier to contract out their jobs. Furthermore, the UC is attempting to force such a contract upon its workers. All of these proposals and actions are unjustifiable as the Board of Regents and Chancellors make excessive six-figure salaries with continuous pay increases. It is morally reprehensible that the Regents expect cuts on their workers that they are not willing to impose on themselves. Enough is enough.

Without the workers, there is no University of California. DSA Santa Cruz stands with AFSCME, UPTE, and CNA in their strike and will contribute, to the best of our ability, in their fight to win what is long overdue to the workers of the UC.

Solidarity forever!
Democratic Socialists of America, Santa Cruz