By the People.
For the People.

We are building working-class power both in and outside of City Hall to organize our community around human prosperity, not corporate bottom lines.

Putting Our Community First

Santa Cruz was once deemed "The Leftmost City," celebrated as a "deviant case" from the typical real estate and development interests power that permeates the United States. 30 years on, that vision of Santa Cruz has all but vanished: ever-increasing rents, pervasive housing insecurity, and dwindling community culture have been the consequence of a city council controlled by establishment Democrats–and by proxy–the real estate industry.

Now, more than ever, we need to build socialist organization that is not beholden to Democratic Party donors and capitalist class interests. That means building worker power! Tenant power! Student power! Community power!

While capitalism concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the few, socialists want collective, democratic ownership of our economy and decision-making power in the hands of workers— not private individuals or the state.

Upcoming Events & Actions

This Month
1:00 am

Political Ed Working Group

We’re reading Mike Davis’s Prisoners of the American Dream. 

We’re reading aloud and talking about the text, so even if someone hasn’t done all the reading they can still come to the meeting and get a lot out of the text


5:00 pm

"Love Boat" mutual aid distribution

Weekly distribution of food, hygiene and first aid supplies to the unhoused community in Santa Cruz. We aim to build networks of social solidarity between the housed and the unhoused to effectively combat anti-homeless politics and meet essential needs. Please contact for location information if you would like to join us.
7:30 pm

Electoral Action Working Group/ Empty Home Tax

The Electoral Action Working Group is on hiatus from regular meetings focusing our energies on writing and passing an Empty Home Tax for the City of Santa Cruz for the November 2022 General Election. This tax the rich community driven ballot measure will create a permanent source of funds to create deed-restricted affordable housing. To learn more and sign up to help, go to and follow us on social @emptyhometax. Be sure to hit the "Join Us" link and sign up so we can keep you updated with the many different ways you can get involved. This is a people powered project so we need folks to get involved because the capitalists are going to come at us hard.  Questions? contact Cyndi at If you have another electoral project you think we should meet about contact the EC   at .... and we will work to appoint a new chair to the EAWG to take on other projects besides the Empty Home tax. 
12:00 am

Comms & Editorial Working Group

We develop and publish content to various media. We collaborate with other working groups to make sure they get the resources they need for getting their message out. We also manage communication within the group regarding upcoming meetings and actions.

12:00 am

Membership Engagement Working Group

We are a working group aimed at recruitment, welcoming, retention, and engagement of potential and current members. All are welcome (even brand new members!). You are free to come just to see what we’re about too.

To get involved email:

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