Tell City Council: Hold Police Accountable
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Santa Cruz, CA

Statement on the 2020 Presidential Election

DSA Santa Cruz - 11.04.2020
Defending the integrity of the election results is the baseline. We have to do it, and we need to win, but in the DSA we know that elections are only one site among many where politics must occur. As socialists, we demand democracy, not only in elections, but in all areas of social life: in our workplaces, in our buildings, and on our blocks.
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Letter to Mayor & Chief of Police: Don't Use Police to Incite Violence or Silence Protestors

DSA Santa Cruz - 11.03.2020
If our democracy is truly under threat, the ONLY thing that will save it is a mass mobilization of people across the country, in red and blue states alike, shutting down cities, shutting down workplaces, and shutting down business as usual. The police will only exacerbate the ongoing violence of the state.
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The Karen to Cop Pipeline: Who are the Volunteer Cops and why are they targeting certain people with parking violation tickets?

Various DSA Members - 11.02.2020
In a town where many residents suffer extreme rent burden, it’s unsurprising to find workers, students, and disabled people living in vehicles. Targeting this precarious population with nuisance tickets for such violations as “tires too small” does nothing to solve the underlying crime of severe income inequality, it only makes it harder for people to maintain their vehicles and find secure housing. 
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Keli Gabinelli - with DSA Santa Cruz Communications Working Group - 11.01.2020
Nextdoor is a formative place for discussions of the future of our city, and as a tool to advance certain political outcomes. As such, it co-opts not only the erstwhile radical potential of social-media movements, but also the democratic public sphere itself, in pursuing an agenda that’s heavily entrenched in the capitalist interests of private property and the policing of those interests.
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Follow the Campaign Cash Flows

Chris Krohn - with input from the DSA Communications Working Group - 10.31.2020
Developer and real estate interests are funding at least three local candidates in the lead up to the November 3rd election and it is clear that real estate interests are trying to buy another city council. The overwhelming amount of money put up by the real estate industry and certain individual realtors for three candidates, is now clear and can be seen in the above candidate financial statements.
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Solidarity Not Charity! DSA Santa Cruz’s Mutual Aid Working Group (a.k.a Love Boat)

T. J. Demos - With input from Vicki Winters, Jo Isaacson, Abbi Samuels, and Madeleine Clyde - 10.28.2020
The Mutual Aid Working Group—a.k.a. the Love Boat—meets every Sunday morning to distribute food, hygiene, and first aid supplies to the unhoused community in Santa Cruz. Working from an anarcho-socialist theory of mutual aid, the group aims to build networks of social solidarity between the housed and the unhoused to effectively combat anti-homeless politics, meet the essential needs of some of the most disenfranchised folks living in our community, and build networks of support and collective care.
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Chief Andy Mills and the Thin Blue Line in the Sand

Comms Working Group - 10.28.2020
Skilled in the ways of PR and a subscriber to the fascist "thin blue line" philosphy, Chief Andy Mills is no friend of the people of Santa Cruz–whom he views as an unruly populace in need of counter-insurgency.
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Who To Call Instead of the Police / A Quién Llamar en Santa Cruz en Vez De a La Policía

DSA Santa Cruz - 10.14.2020
Salud Mental / Mental Health, Food Security / Distribución de Alimentos, Derechos de Los Immigrantes / Migrant Rights, and more / y mas. Descarga la guía en español / Download the english guide.
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DSA Santa Cruz Nov 2020 Election Voter Guide

DSA Santa Cruz - 10.07.2020
Vote for Sandy Brown, Kelsey Hill, Kayla Kumar, and Prop 15! Endorsements from the members of DSA Santa Cruz and recommendationos from the Electoral Action Working Group for 2020's General Election.
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A Post-Pandemic Democratic Socialist Opening for Santa Cruz

Ecosocialist Working Group - 06.29.2020
We condemn the capitalist present for its intolerable failures. Transforming the pandemic into a portal, determined organizing will bring socialism into existence. Let us reclaim the means of production of the future! Let us remake Santa Cruz together!
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Demanding an End to Police Violence

DSA Santa Cruz - 06.06.2020
We are in unflinching solidarity with the movement to defend Black life, to disarm, defund, and dismantle the police. We will remain in the streets until these demands are met.
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Brought to You by Capitalism: Homelessness

Comms Working Group - 10.31.2019
Houselessness doesn't have to exist but under capitalism is a vital part of the supply-demand curve. Housing investors need to make more money so people have to live on the street. There's a better way to organize society.
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