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We are an intersectional organization with many areas of focus.

  • Communications Working Group

    We develop and publish content to various media. We collaborate with other working groups to make sure they get the resources they need for getting their message out. We also manage communication within the group regarding upcoming meetings and actions.

    We are currently meeting on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, 5:30pm-7:00pm.

  • Ecosocialist Working Group

    The Ecosocialist working group organizes to fight capitalism and build local power for climate, environmental and multi-species justice. We work to spread an understanding that capitalism and imperialism must be fought against to promote the health of our planet and all of its people through public information campaigns, agitprop, literature, and mutual aid.

    It is not simply enough to Decarbonize, we must also Decapitalize, and Decolonialize.

    In Santa Cruz, we view our work as interconnected to a wide rage of campaigns: working on housing justice (including for the unhoused) and fighting against gentrification is integral to the environmental health of our city; working towards a green new deal locally and nationally, countering the promotion of a green capitalist future through promoting socialist ideas at Earth Day and Climate Strike events, and public art and propaganda work.

    Our working group meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 6pm. All are welcome to join.

  • Electoral Working Group

    The electoral working group is focused on doing work to influence election and policy outcomes via organizing around elections and direct action.

  • Labor Working Group

    We organize working people so they can make revolutionary demands.

  • Member Engagement Working Group

    We are a working group aimed at recruitment, welcoming, retention, and engagement of potential and current members. All are welcome (even brand new members!). You are free to come just to see what we’re about too.

  • Mutual Aid Working Group (a.k.a Love Boat)

    The Mutual Aid Working Group meets weekly to distribute food, hygiene and first aid supplies to the unhoused community in Santa Cruz. Working from a theory of mutual aid, we aim to build networks of social solidarity between the housed and the unhoused to effectively combat anti-homeless politics and meet essential needs.

    In the spirit of mutual aid, we seek not only to address the symptoms of homelessness but to confront its systemic causes. We devote time to organizing campaigns around issues that affect the unhoused community in group strategy meetings as needed.

    Please email us if you are interested in joining our working group.

    We currently meet every Sunday at 10am for supply distribution in San Lorenzo Park, directly in front of the county building on Ocean Street.

  • Political Education Working Group

    We read and discuss socialist theory to help inform our political strategies.

    We are currently meeting on the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month, 6-8pm.

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