Announcing Red October - Santa Cruz!

Various DSA Members - 10.14.2022

Red October 2022 is the first iteration of an annual Santa Cruz-based convergence of radical events and discussions, art and presentations, joining flourishing movements sharing a post-capitalist, socialist horizon.

Drawing inspiration from past models of theory and practice, Red October brings critical and affirmative attention to contemporary ways of imagining a world beyond capitalism, including in relation to their antiracist, antisexist, and decolonial intersections.

Red October is specific to local concerns in Santa Cruz, as well as extending beyond them, seeking to connect, amplify, and strengthen theoretical and comparative frameworks for local struggles. It provides a movement space of red organizing in collaboration with labor, ecosocialist, and political formations within and beyond electoralism.

Red October is motivated to push the conversation toward recognizing the necessity of a socialist future, to build networks of alliances and solidarity on the Left, and to imagine and realize a post-capitalist world in common.

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