A Post-Pandemic Democratic Socialist Opening for Santa Cruz

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We condemn the capitalist present for its intolerable failures. Transforming the pandemic into a portal, determined organizing will bring socialism into existence. Let us reclaim the means of production of the future!

Enact Post-Pandemic Justice. Ensure democratic community participation. No policing the crisis, ordered by top-down dictates! The pandemic is capitalism; the old normal was already broken. What comes next must bring a new era of equality, justice, and communal welfare.

Prioritize Lives Over The Economy. Public health over private profits! Provide easy-access testing, contact tracing, and health care to all. Make shelter-in-place affordable for the precarious. Housing is a right! Increase taxes on corporations and the wealthy to pay for public wellbeing. Financial assistance to the struggling. Enact rent and mortgage relief!

Democratize Santa Cruz. No emergency governance by an unelected city manager. Create an inclusive, safe city council in the Civic auditorium. Keep big money out of local politics. Greater worker control of workplaces; support unionization drives, esp. in non-unionized service sector. End extraction on Indigenous lands (Juristac, Mauna Kea).

Redistribute And Green The Economy. Defund the police, eject ICE, promote restorative justice. Invest in frontline care workers, schools and educators, public services, arts, community organizations, and free meeting spaces. Expand renewable-energy public transportation. Free electric buses now! Decarbonize the grid. Let’s own PG&E! Convene assemblies to implement a radical Santa Cruz Green New Deal and a decolonial Red Deal.

Cultivate The Commons. Pedestrianize Pacific Avenue. Municipalize the Boardwalk. Protect farmers markets and Green Commons. Make Santa Cruz’s natural beauty accessible and free. Support local agroecology and cooperative farming. Increase funding for libraries as mixed- use spaces of public gathering, with technological resources and enhanced human services.

Support housing justice. Decriminalize houselessness. Affordable housing now! Close tax loopholes (including Prop 13) for real estate industry. Implement a vacancy tax, increase the transient occupancy tax; use funds for homeless services. Collaborate with frontline organizations like Food Not Bombs, and improve city-community synergy.

Let us remake Santa Cruz together!

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